CardioMetabolic Health Alliance

The CardioMetabolic Health Alliance is an interdisciplinary collaboration to improve cardiometabolic risk factor control in diverse and high-risk populations and to provide more effective and coordinated care for patients with established cardiometabolic disease. Risk factors include a cluster of interrelated clinical findings — high blood pressure, elevated fasting blood sugar, elevated A1c (hemoglobin bonded with glucose), dyslipidemia, elevated body mass index (BMI) and elevated triglycerides — that together can progress to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.


The Alliance will identify communities where acute events from cardiometabolic risk factors and disease are higher than national average, provide clinical profiles of the typical cardiometabolic patient who has just suffered an acute event in a high-risk community contrasted with a patient in a low risk community. From this information, the Alliance will offer recommendations for interventions to prevent progression, which could include raising awareness among the public and healthcare communities, developing new research opportunities, supporting national or local quality improvement activities, investigating and advancing health policy issues and addressing and reducing barriers confronting minority and at-risk patients.


The Mission of the CardioMetabolic Healthcare Alliance is to reduce acute events (inpatient admissions, emergency room visits and deaths) associated with cardiometabolic risk factors and disease, particularly among minority and at-risk populations.


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