The Role of Vitamin D in the Health of Hispanic Adults With Diabetes

Ingentaconnec: 6/1/14


The highest prevalence of low vitamin D levels are among Hispanics and non-Hispanic Blacks. Evidence suggests that low vitamin D levels may contribute to increased risk for diabetes and its complications. Hispanics are at greater risk for vitamin D deficiency. To address the relationship between vitamin D, diabetes, and Hispanics, this research is described. Evidence supports an association between low vitamin D and risk for diabetes, but there remains insufficient evidence to suggest whether treatment of low vitamin D can prevent or improve diabetes. In addition, there is limited research regarding vitamin D deficiency in the Hispanic population. Factors such as obesity, dark skin pigmentation, northern geographical latitude, and prevalence of renal insufficiency may place Hispanics at greater risk for low vitamin D levels. Nurses need to understand the signs and symptoms of vitamin D deficiency and treatment recommendation guidelines, which are also described. This information will allow nurses to improve the health outcomes and decrease the disparities amongst adult Hispanics with diabetes. Read More

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